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Welcome to Windfarm Park
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About Us


Tim and Helen Spencer have been here at The Hollies since 1990 and hopefully our sons will continue to farm here in the future. Small farms like ours have had to diversify to survive.

Over the years we have reared turkeys, cattle and pigs. Currently we grow wheat, beans and cut grass for silage.

The fishing lake was created 25 years ago and we have also planted all of the trees and most of the hedges that you can see on the farm today - encouraging the many resident species of wildlife here to flourish.

All the electricity that you use on site is generated on the farm. The wind turbines have been here since 2006 and produce enough electricity for 2925 people. More recently, we built the solar farm which supplies electricity for 5564 people. During the winter we burn all of the waste straw from the crops in a biomass boiler. This provides heat for the farm houses and dries the stored grain.

Over the last 5 years we have created the campsite; a haven where you can relax and unwind in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside.

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